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[Friday 8th May 2015 6:10pm ]
[ mood | calm ]

times have changed.
friends only.
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checkmark [Wednesday 17th September 2008 2:22am ]
[ mood | feeling good ]

finally made it up to philly and it was awesome! thanks bethany & phlash for showing us a good time!!! <3

party hard

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the end [Wednesday 11th June 2008 10:03pm ]
last lasch show ever at paul's going away party this saturday june 14th 9pm 87 norwood ave in kirkwood. come out if you ever liked the lasch or are friends with paul. he's moving to portland, oregon.


the end is near [Saturday 24th May 2008 3:13pm ]
[ mood | summer ]

so paul is moving to portland the end of june and this means the end of the lasch. we have a show saturday may 31st at lennys and we would love it if everyone could make an effort to come out. this may be our last show ever unless we can hop on a few more before june 19th. so please let me know if you can help us out with anything.
otherwise come party with us next saturday!



best thing i've read in a while online [Monday 14th January 2008 8:39pm ]
[ mood | feelin it ]

7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making You Miserable


go go go [Wednesday 5th September 2007 4:55pm ]


Athens Summer Sublease [Saturday 10th March 2007 9:08pm ]
Hey everybody,

I'm looking for a summer sublease (anytime in May - July 31st) for my room in a lovely 3bed/2bath house on Barber St in Athens. Lots of space, great backyard w/porch, two awesome roommates, and much much more. And the best part: Rent and Utilities = Athens cheapness. This is such a great deal!

If you or anyone you know needs a room in Athens this summer please email me at whitney(DOT)watts(AT)gmail(DOT)com for more information.


ride bikes! [Sunday 16th April 2006 8:21pm ]
[ mood | sunday ]

are there any organized or regular group bike rides in athens?
if so, when and where etc?
if not i think i may plan one if people are interested in riding bikes...

perphaps a regular sunday evening bike ride for like an hour or so with varying routes each week, then ending at transmet for some pizza and beer. what do you guys think?

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partyyy [Thursday 16th March 2006 6:52pm ]
[ mood | spring break 2k6 ]

st patricks day party at pauls house
(1038 mcmillan in homepark)

friday march 17th 10pm

beer & green machine punch will be provided but you should bring supplementary beverages as well.

lets do this!

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hallowweeennnn plans? [Wednesday 19th October 2005 3:57pm ]
[ mood | okay ]

hey so what is going on for halloween weekend everybody?
i know its during fall break... so are a lot of people going out of town?
i need to know so i can plan costumes or whatever...

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